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7th-Jul-2007 12:33 am - -Hanazakari no Kimitachi *love this*
[Alice Nine] || Hiroto Lust

Love Hanazakari no Kimitachi (>_<)! Shun Oguri and Shirotan play together XDDDD! OMG! I can't wait for watch this Dorama Big Hit! 'Coz, all the cast is a boyssssss *DEAD for a sec*.

About (from Asianfanatics Forum):
The new summer drama season has started in Japan and boards are buzzing over a few in particular. Fuji is running Hana Kimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi), a drama adapted from a manga in which a young Japanese girl (acted by Horikita Maki) formerly living in America impersonates a boy in order to attend an all male high school where she hopes to meet her idol (acted by Oguri Shun), a young athlete she saw and admired on television.Here is a commercial of Fuji TV's Hana Kimi:

All Cast (from Drama-Wiki )

This is so cool (>_<)! *hearts* Many cute boys in there v(^___________^)v *kirakira*. I hope someone upload that dorama and my wish is really come truuuueeeeeee--!! Thanks to chochajin for uploading it m(_ _)m.
I'm really happy XDDDDD!!
6th-Jul-2007 01:01 am - -Sweet Bunta [last year ago]
[Tego Mass] || Massu Red Apple
Fandom: Tennis no Oujisama
Created by:
Pairings: No-oneee TT_TT.
Media: Pencil *don't have time to use photoshop DX*
Rating: PG

5th-Jul-2007 09:28 pm - -New Profile Pict *ha... ha...*
[An Cafe] || sweet pink
Fandom: An Cafe
Banner by: xuezenxi
Credits by: An Cafe photobook.
Media: Photoshop + Mouse.
Rating: PG

Just click this pict to see my new banner (>_<)

5th-Jul-2007 09:07 pm - -Se7en's Pencil Case
[Alice Nine] || Hiroto Changed

Couldn't believe that last day, I got Se7en's pencil case XDDDD! *hearts* I'm so happy (>_<) Thanks to my parents who's give me this presents X3333! And thanks to my aniki too (^_________^)

5th-Jul-2007 02:40 am - SOMEONE HACKED MY LJ!
[Alice Nine] || Hiroto RAWR!

To everyone, my art is not that DEATH NOTE in my LJ. Someone has been hack my LJ just right now!
I must thanks to rah_bop who's tell to me about this m(_ _)m
4th-Jul-2007 12:47 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAKANISHI!
[KAT-TUN] || Akame Love

|| f|2om :: xuezenxi @ {el-jay} ||

This is Prince Jin I made last night XD!
(working hard)

banner by:


taken from his photobook

Death Note || hide


Huh?! *stare at the monitor*

Did-Did I just have a dream right now?!
Did-Did my eyes is already broken right now?!
What the hell are this things?!


What should I do?!
Write my enemy in there?!

Still, I can't believe my self 'coz I bought
Death-Note this day *laughs*. And then, I bought some L's Pendant at Anime Machi XDDD! *DEAD for a sec*. Oh God, I'm so lucky this moth! I don't lose my money "again" X3! Death-Note... the book I want since I've been read the manga and watch the anime. NOW! THAT BOOK IS BELONGS TO ME *ha-ha-ha* What a beautiful nightmare? About L's pendant, that's beautiful color! The color is SILVEERRR! *more DEAD*
I've been watch Death-Note last episode last day. Kira [not me, okay?! XD] die! Ugh, that Near!

*sigh* Geez, every time I watch Death-Note I can't stop to watch The Genius Trick Raito made! That's making L confuse with his brilliant’s brain *like as me ho-ho-ho!*

This is the question I stolen from Death-Note's (Anime) Magazine:

Who's your favorite Shinigami and Why you like it?
Ryuuku. 'coz he's much love human apples like as me *laughs* But I hate Pie Apple!

What's you're favorite 3 moments from Death-Note and Why you chose it?
1. Page. 58 - Kyouchuu. The moment when L died! I happy when he died like that, but... WHAT THE HELL I MUST CRY IN THAT SENSE *sob*
2. Page. ? - ?. Err... When Near and Mello knew Raito's ID is Kira.
3. Page. 107 - Maku. Raito is... is... id... DIE! No way! My beloved Raito is die?! That tragedy moment-- *kick the wall*

Who's your favorite Genius Brain? Ryuuzaki, Near, or Mello?
Near! He can read people's mind just watch their move!!

If you're in Death-note, what would you do if you as Yagami Raito in there?
Huh? Maybe do same things like as him (^_^) Nah, first, I'm so proud that I've genius brain. Second, I can entry and study in ToDai so easy 'coz of my genius, Third, My parents doesn't angry to me in every last semester 'coz my rapport is always so excellent! *laughs*

Can someone give me
Death Note: Another Note Los Angeles BB Renzoku Satsujin Jiken by Obata Takeshi and Ooba Tsugumi with Nishio Ishin?

Yosh! I write 'How To Use It' in Death-Note! (Part One)

*tired* I'm so sleepy right now o_0_)o *ZzZzz...* 
Tomorrow, I'll done this part! Yosha! Ganbatte!


[Alice Nine] || Hiroto RAWR!


For today, I bought this watch from Kelapa Gading Mall last hour with my friends XD
Cool, isn't it? (>_<)
I really liked it since I find this watch with Tetsu-niisan.
Wuaaaaa, it's look sparkly in my eyes (*__________*)
But, something missing with that watch.


*fallen down into the floor*
So, I wanted to buy new watch again with Black and Silver color (^________^)
Yep! That's my favorite color ever X3!
The candidat of my watch is Casio Edifice EF-503.

Wish I don't lose my money this moth. 

Ah! I almost forgot!!

My father alredy want to buy Rikkaimyu 2nd Service from the net *hearts*
[Unknown LJ tag]</lj>
[Alice Nine] || Hiroto Dreamers
As my promise:
This is Yagami Ren's photobook (making DVD)
You also can download in here

Sorry I just upload Part One 'coz I've something to do right now with Adobe Photoshop (;_;) *sob*
I'm late for deadline DX!
Gah, forget about it.
I really hate if my sensei mad at me (-______-)

Yep! About Aibachi!
I found this picture!!
Wuaaaaa! New hair-style ne~!
I love his hair-styleeeeeeeeeee X33333333!
That's look cool!
But, I cut my hair like as Hero JaeJoong (from DBSK) and I colored my hair with Black and Red *yay*
[Tego Mass] || Massu love
Wow! I've been watching Itsuka no Kimi e XDDDD!
Awesome! In the first time I watching shonen-ai dorama!
Whoaaaa... my older brother still watch in my PC over and over again (now, I didn't let he go to my room 'coz I post this :D)

Too my surprise that my mother come to my room last hour!
OMG! My older brother is good lying (thanks god)

My mother: Hey, you two.
me: *surprise* O-Okasan?!
My older brother: What are you doin'?!
My mother: Then, that question is must become from me. What are you two doin'? You're makes this house noisy by your voice.
me: Err... we just... *looking at my PC*
My older brother: AH!! Close your PC!!!!!!
My mother: What? PC? What for?
me: Ah! No-nothing. Tetsu-niisan (my older brother's name) just have an important project so...
My mother: But, Tetsu! You've laptop right?! Oh, did your laptop is broken?! *mad*
My older brother: No. I... I want to do in here. And play games too with her.
My mother: I see. Don't fight with your sister, got it?
me: *nood*

That's so closeeeeeee *sigh*
After that, Tetsu-niisan hitting my head with his hand and say; "Baka!" TT_TT
What a nightmare....

AH! Karin-senpai shock too!
Her beloved Kawaii has been taken away by Takumi in this film (^_^)
Hey Takumi! How's about Ruito and Aibachi?! *laughs*
Aibachi is still with Shirotan for sure (>_________<)

I love this picture I taken from my VLC snapshot.


All Clovermyu crews is also shocked too (>_<)
Especially is Karin-senpai and Miruku-senpai *don't cry okay?!*

ps: Gonna upload Yagami Renn's photobook~!
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